Since 1904 Mezzacorona has been cultivating its vineyards in the valleys of Trentino Alto Adige, a particularly suitable area thanks to the variety of microclimates that distinguish it: mild and temperate, influenced by deep valleys, mountain ranges with peaks over 3500 meters.

Here, in the heart of the Dolomite Alps, Mezzacorona produces wines with a unique and authentic character like the territory in which they are born.
Mezzacorona wines are the result of the utmost attention to the specific characteristics of the vines and varieties. They are fragrant and elegant wines, authentic and virtuous like the men who make them, special like the land from which they come to life. Generations of member families have chosen to operate in respect of the environment with sustainable processing techniques, cultivating their vineyards with integrated production systems, guaranteeing increasingly natural products.



Trentino, a land rich in natural beauty, castles, history, and traditions. Dolomite peaks alternate with plains and terraces, where vines have always been cultivated.

Here Mezzacorona cultivates its own vineyards using mainly the traditional “Trentino pergola” farming. This form of farming is the result of tradition and derives from the search for quality production and the manual processing of the grape fields, where man is the main actor. 

The extremely varied composition of the soil and the different climatic areas, from the sub-Mediterranean (Valle dei Laghi, Valle del Sarca), to the continental (Vallagarina, Valdadige, Piana Rotaliana), to the alpine (Val di Cembra) have allowed the different varieties to find in Trentino the ideal habitat to best express one's organoleptic characteristics. Mezzacorona cultivates single varieties only in areas where the vines can best express their character. Each Mezzacorona wine tells a piece of Trentino.



Compared to other neighboring areas, where most of the grapes are mechanically harvested, Mezzacorona wines are 100% hand harvested. So, we have no crushed berries, hence we experience no oxidation of flavors nor loss of aromas. Also, the hygiene of the grapes is completely well-preserved. Manual harvest is particularly important in “difficult” vintages when weather conditions expose the vines to phyto-hygienic risks. By selecting bunch by bunch, the Mezzacorona growers only send to the winery the healthy grapes and leave behind the bad ones.



Safety and sustainability have always been the basis of our philosophy: for decades, in fact, we have adhered to and promoted the Integrated Production Protocol of the Autonomous Province of Trento, which establishes precise cultivation criteria that respect the vine, the environment, man and of the consumer.

Mezzacorona's commitment to environmental sustainability starts from the first link of a long supply chain, the winegrowers' members, who have always been committed to preserving and improving the quality of the natural resources of the territory, and is declined today until the end of the production cycle.

All Mezzacorona members obtained in 2016 the ministerial certification SQNPI  - National Quality System for Integrated Production - which certifies that all activities in the vineyard comply with the Protocol .

This is a unique example in Italy of coordination for the production of Sustainable Integrated Quality of thousands of farmers. The verification of the traceability of the grapes and subsequently of the wine was added to the checks carried out by CSQA, a control body accredited to the certification of vineyards on the basis of territorial control plans  operated by Valoritalia. All this made it possible, starting from the 2017 harvest, to obtain the SQNPI quality mark on DOC wines from Mezzacorona.

The certified wine is the result of numerous steps and checks throughout the production cycle, from the campaign to the bottling phase. Among the many checks, the quality managers of the winery must ascertain and guarantee the perfect traceability of every single lot and every single bottle to guarantee that the wine comes strictly from SQNPI certified grapes

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